Along with photography, I really enjoy creating fun designs. I like using Keynote or Pages for creating layers with existing elements or drawing my own. Here are some of my favorite examples.

These are three certificates I designed for courses offered through the Virginia Society for Technology in Education. Participants in the micro:bit course got to choose one of two designs since we (the organizer and me) could not pick one we liked best.

These are title slides for conference presentations. I like making slides that catch the eye of the audience as they walk into the room, then I stick to the theme as much as possible on all slides.

I love collaborating with teachers to help them provide meaningful experiences for their students. Giving students an authentic audience for their work always makes the experience more meaningful. This is a poster I created to promote the work of an outstanding group of students and their teacher.

This is the cover design I created for a self-published children’s book showcasing macrophotography and macro videography of insects, their preferred meals, and their intricate mouthparts.